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If you want an invoice for your company, please add at least your VAT-ID down below. Last year we had some additional effort on invoices for companies, this year we added this section optionally.
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Explanation: this year we offer different kinds of rates, see above. Please note that we only have a certain amount of the different rooms. The prices above include also the skipass, please read on the page "Arrangement" what more is included! Not included is the tourist-tax, which is € 1,30 per Person per day and must be paid at departure.
ATTN: Basic single-room quota is sold! More single-room bookings have to be subject of verification by us/the hotel!
Explanation: You may mention which mates you would prefer. Please note that we will do our best but can't guarantee for your wished mates.
Explanation: We are able to offer you different kinds of skipasses, although our special rate for the skipass is only for the 6-days package.
There are Skipasses available for 2, 3 and 4 days e.g. and they are of course slightly cheaper (our special rate and conditions only apply to the 6-days skipass!). Please inform yourself about the possibilties on the according website linked right and add an according remark to the textarea above. We will at least try to get some benefit on other kinds of skipasses beside the 6-days package.
Calculation: Take the rate without skipass (see below) and add the official skipass-rates and you will get your final price (to be confirmed by our agency).
No Skipass (rate will be cheaper, obviously):