Dedicated Rent-A-Ski-or-Board Night!


After a short pre-visit of our great hotel @CesaTyrol and some nice guidance through the facility with the friendly owner-family Soraruf by the end of October, we can proudly announce:

Presumably there will be a dedicated 'Rent-A-Ski-or-Board' night right at our hotel with a local skirental!
Most likely this will happen on our arrival-day in the afternoon or early evening. Maybe it could also be Sunday morning.
Final appointment will be communicated by mid of January via Twitter, our wiki and of course on this website.

What we need to pre-register for you (this is non-bindingly and just a service of us):

  • Firstname, Lastname
  • Ski or Board?
  • Beginner/Medium/Advanced/Expert? (please be sure you are able to estimate your skill-level objectively, to assure you will have fun with your equipment!)
  • Body height in cm (needed for length of ski/snowboard and ski sticks)
  • Weight (depending on your weight, the ski/board equipment may vary)
  • Shoe size (well, nobody likes boots which are too small ;))
  • Which equipment you need actually (some have e.g. their own boots or ski sticks)


All this you could send to me, clemens))This is for spamprotection, please remove!((@))This is for spamprotection, please remove!((

I'll keep this data private as much as possible, although I need to send it to the skirental for purpose. That data will be deleted from my drives right after T3BOARD18.

For our beloved groups: you could do this also in a CSV file (sometimes also erroneously referenced as an 'excel sheet' by the digital disabled, but I will accept them too anyways ... ;) ...) for your whole bunch of participants!

For a rough estimation of the price you could take a look at the hotels website »